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LUMINESCE™ Cellular Rejuvenation Serum, Advanced Night Repair, 
Daily Moisturising Complex, NutriGen™ Reserve™.


MELBOURNE. All Products - Jeunesse Luminesce & NutriGen™.
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MELBOURNE. All Products - Jeunesse Luminesce & NutriGen™.
Rejuvenation Serum, Reserve, Night Repair, Daily Moisturiser
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MELBOURNE. All Products - Jeunesse Luminesce & NutriGen™.
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 Luminesce All-Natural Cellular Skin Regeneration

Jeunesse's Luminesce skin care by Dr. Nathan Newman. Innovative, patent-pending formula utilizing adult stem cell technology. Luminesce skin products DO NOT contain live stem cells...this is stem cell TECHNOLOGY.
LUMINESCE is the sole skin product available today that contains 200+ key human growth factors that gently replenish your skin's natural levels of proteins (aka collagen and elastin).

LUMINESCE Cellular Rejuvenation Serum and Ingredients: 15mL bottle

Luminesce's serum is specially formulated with patent-pending technology to restore luminosity, firmness, and smoothness of the skin.

– Minimizes the appearance of fine lines and deep facial wrinkles
– Avoid risky cosmetic procedures by opting for a non-invasive, less aggressive alternative
– Delays the appearance of the aging process
– Penetrates deep to restore skin's natural protein levels
– All natural and hypoallergenic-PARABEN free
– Contains a natural wrinkle filler that preserves elasticity and firmness
– Replenishes skin's natural stores of growth factors and proteins that can become depleted with age


 LUMINESCE Daily Moisturizing Complex and Ingredients: 30mL bottle

LUMINESCE daily moisturizing complex is a scientifically formulated moisturizer, that when used daily, can provide serious anti-wrinkle and anti-aging benefits for both men and women. The perfect solution to your skin care needs, this intense moisturizer utilizes a unique combination of ingredients that work together synergistically to help re-hydrate, repair, and revitalize your skin.

LUMINESCE Advanced Night Repair


LUMINESCE™ advanced night repair combines the latest in patented technology to correct the environmental damage of the past and fortify your skin for the future. It supports natural self-repair mechanisms during the night to reduce the signs of aging from the effects of harmful agents, leaving your skin renewed and revitalized.LUMINESCE™ advanced night repair provides maximum hydration, restores moisture, and diminishes the signs of time on your skin.




Medical and nutrition experts worldwide recognize that many health issues are adversely affected by free radical damage. The best way to reduce this damage, according to these experts, is to consume good foods and to take effective antioxidant supplements.

That’s exactly why we created Réserve™ – a botanical blend of essential antioxidants that will supercharge your health and assist in delaying premature aging. With its unique combination of antioxidants, anthocyanins, and essential fatty acids, Réserve™ is an excellent defense against free radical damage.

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MELBOURNE. All Products - Jeunesse Luminesce & Nutrigen Reserve
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MELBOURNE. All Products - Jeunesse Luminesce & NutriGen™.
Ph 0430 666 009